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Congrats,Mick! Hurley Pro 2015 Trestles.

Mick Fanning who is Aussie 3 times world champion won the Hurley Pro at Trestles CA beating De Souza. Here’s the Final round

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Hurley Pro Lowers is now On

Lower Trestles which called as SK8 park is one of world class brakes in South California. We’ve already got a 10point ride in round one. Freddy¬†Patacchia Jr is awesome goofy

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Beautiful girl on the board-Part1 – Tia Blanco

Tia Blanco is 18 years Hawaiian girls surfer. Watch her beautiful ride.

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HPD Kelly Slater

Nothing is impossible for him on the board.

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Congrats ! John John Florence

John John Florence won the Volcom Pipe Pro 2015 with the score of 17.63 !

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